Here’s an example of how we get creative to help buyers in this hot market.

Are you a buyer who keeps losing the deal in this competitive real estate market? Recently, one of our clients kept losing in multiple-offer situations, so we got creative; we turned her into a short-term investor. 

Not many people know you can put as little as 3% down on a primary residence, while the minimum down payment for an investment property is 20%. Our client had planned to put 20% down anyway, so that sparked our idea to have her buy a home that was currently being rented. This opened up more inventory, we found an opportunity for her to capitalize on the appreciation of home values by becoming a homeowner before the market shifts, and she now makes a monthly profit on the difference between her mortgage and what the tenant is paying. Who doesn’t want to make extra money every month? 

“We know how tough it is for buyers out there.”

The best thing is that we saved her from the emotional rollercoaster of continuing to write offers and losing out over and over again. 

If you keep losing in our market, we would love to talk to you about writing a unique, effective strategy to help you create wealth with real estate. We’ll find a way to help you reach your goals. We know how tough it is for buyers out there, and we want to be in your corner throughout the journey.

Call or email us if you want help buying a house or have any questions. We would love to assist you.