Here’s a brief update on our market and how it is still staying strong.


I know you may have heard about a shifting market, but let’s look at some facts so you can see how it’s actually going.

Our active listings are down year-to-date by 16%, but we’re up 24% from last month. That might sound huge, but remember just how low it was.

As a buyer, this means you’ll still be competing, but not as aggressively as before. Plan to pay 1.4% above the list price compared to 1.8% over in June.

For sellers, have patience. You’ll still get multiple offers, but don’t expect them on day one anymore. We’re seeing offers start around day four, and instead of 20, homes might only get two. Also, buying and selling simultaneously is becoming easier, so that’s great news for the sellers looking to do so.

Moving into fall, we expect both the inventory and the prices to keep rising. Our median sales price is around $400,000 which is up 27% from last year. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get you a home.

Call me today, and let’s get the process started. You can always reach me on my cell, 602-741-7531, or you could send me a quick email.