Why you shouldn’t wait until next year to list your property.

Are you considering selling but not sure about listing during the holidays? The most common mistake we see during the holidays is when a seller thinks they should wait until the new year to put their home on the market.

This is a big mistake because the buyers who are still shopping during the holidays are highly motivated. They need to purchase a home and move as soon as possible. In most cases, these buyers will make a stronger offer and move through the process quicker. In Arizona, we don’t typically have the kind of weather that slows down activity. However, the holidays create a slight lull in the market, so this is a great time to get your home ready and stand out.

It’s important to have an amazing real estate team behind you, especially with the added stress of the holidays. Let us take care of you and make this process as easy as possible. Call us today at 602-741-7531. We look forward to hearing from you.